Her paintings are generally square format. The approach of contemporary drawing and formatting is done in acrylic paints. In some paintings, mixed techniques are employed. The oil painting is still finishing.





Regarding her artistic approach, in her paintings, the approach of Cubism was made insensibly by a contemporary graphics without constituting the main element of her painting; she initiated the rigor and strength of the stroke. It remains in what she does.


Her artistic creativity is focused in recent years to spread the influences of Cubism Analytic and Synthetic Braque and Picasso, along with the color of MATISSE. The bright colors of the paintings she uses, green, pink, lemon yellow juxtaposed and blue contrast with the wisdom of regular solids, pure colors and no shadows, surrounded by a continuous line. Other contemporary paintings, the colors more fondues, more discreet forms expressed.


These paintings are related to Impressionism; identified by a line and processed in flat areas of pure color, without shadows.


Her painting style is characterized by elaborate designs; the color serves to divert change or amplify.

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