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After several years of study at the Beaux Arts in Toulouse, JFK launches in various competitions and won her first awards and medals in 1999.

  - Award of the Public 2002, Art Plastiques, CASTELNAUDARY

  - Award of Interpretation 2003, Salon International, BEZIERS  

  - Award of Composition 2005, SAM JOME DE LECA, SPAIN

  - Award of La Toile d'Or 2006, French Federation of Arts

  - Award Arts and Frames 2007, Les Méridionaux, TOULOUSE

  - Award of Mixed Technique 2007, CHATEAU VALMY

  - Award of Fondation Pous

  - Award Prémio, ALBA, ITALY

  - Jury Award for Bullfighting 2009, ARGELES

  - Abstract Arts awards 2012 et 2013, PALME D’OR ART, TOULOUSE

  - Academician International of VERBANO, ITALY

  - Associate of Arts and Letters in FRANCE and BELGIUM

  - Artist's Diploma from the European Community (European Art Group)

  - Listed in the prestigious Côte Akoun / Art Price / Drouot Cotation

  - ALAF Member, supervised by UN

  - Knight Academician 2014, MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA

  - Member of the European Institute of Contemporary Arts




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