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Always fascinated by Arts and especially Paintings, Jacqueline Falcou Kessas (" JFK ") integrates classes at Beaux-Arts in Toulouse after a career as nurse.


Motivated and driven by his mentors, she embarked on competitions and quickly won her first Awards and Medals in 1999.


In 2002, JFK manages to integrate the prestigious Côte Akun, Art Price and Quotation Drouot, which offer her a greater national visibility but also international.


JFK will have the privilege of working with committees of major companies throughout France, but also to exhibit in shows abroad: Osaka in Japan, Shanghai, Italy, at the London Art, Spain, Russia Art World and in the magical city of New York.


Building on its success but remembering his previous career and desiring to help others, JFK participated in many auctions to benefit medical research.

In 2006 , from the fruit of her passion and her hard work, JFK recieves the prestigious award La Toile d'Or from the French Federation of Arts.


The paintings of JFK were described as relating to Impressionism, surrounded by a line and treated solid pure color, without shadows. Her painting style is characterized by elaborate designs that only the color serves to divert, alter or amplify.





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